Here’s what former students and clients have to say:



“If you want to communicate more confidently and convincingly, then take this class! You will leave this workshop a better public speaker and you will learn a lot about yourself and maybe make some new friends.”

-Jen G, Public Speaking 101 student


“Within the first minutes of class, he got us out of our heads and telling stories.  He created a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that helped all of us feel relaxed and ready to perform.”

-Amalea, Storytelling 201 student


“Andrew was an amazing teacher.  Even though it’s a storyTELLING class, it improved my writing so much. I would totally recommend this.”

-Eugenia, Storytelling 101 student


“I think storytelling can be a great addition to have in a business person’s repertoire of skills and techniques.  As a UX designer, I found the class to be quite valuable in my ability to tell the story of the interactions I design.  Andrew  is authentic in his teaching and facilitation style.”

-Anu R, Storytelling for Business People student


“Andrew taught us how to hone our skills with telling a story. He brought up useful, simple points to consider when crafting our messages.”

-Mahogony, Brand Strategist


“I left the Storytelling for Business people with an arsenal of tools culled from my own life experiences that I can use to powerfully connect and persuade clients.”

-Laura W., Advertising Media Director



“After working with Andrew, I felt much more confident in front of groups. He gave me insights and perspective I could not grasp on my own. Yet, he did all this by simply asking questions – masterful!”

-Lina, Founder of Mission Soar


“Andrew has an incredible ability to take in a lot of information over a very short time period and then quickly tease out a compelling storyline. I would recommend Andrew to any other startup founder who might be looking for extremely actionable ideas for improving the pitch process.”

-Kent, Founder and CEO of Rowbot


“We need more of these “out of the box” trainings. These really tap into other parts of our brain and can still be useful to our everyday work.”

-StoryCorps attendee 


Andrew is absolutely gifted when it comes to storytelling. He has an amazing way of helping you go beyond the surface while constructing your story in a manner that will grab your desired audience’s attention. He also helped me prepare for an opportunity that I landed at Columbia University. Without question, you will leave his class (or one-on-one session) a better speaker!”

-Rose S., Director of Alumni Services, Columbia University


“As an engineer turned CEO, I’m more comfortable writing code code than speeches. When Thunderclap was nominated to compete in Cannes against 25 finalists, I knew some coaching was in order. Andrew helped me craft a compelling story and delivery that took home a Gold Lion for Innovation. Whenever I have an important presentation, he’s the first person I call.”

-David C., Founder and CEO, Thunderclap


“I thought Andrew did an amazing job.”

-Attorney, Center for Court Innovation