Local Stories is taking submissions…


The holidays are fast approaching and we want your stories!  Local Stories is taking submissions for our November and December shows, so send us your stories and pitches!

The theme for the November show on Monday, November 26 is THANKS A LOT, stories of gratitude and regret.  Remember that time your uncle taught you how to box, only for you to end up getting pummeled by bullies?  You get the idea.

And if you’d rather save your amazing stories for our December show on Monday, December 19, the theme for that evening will be HOLIDAYS, stories of vacation and travel.  Asthma attack in the mountains of Jordan?  Robbed at gunpoint in the slums of Mumbai?  We want to hear your stories!

Send your stories and pitches to bklocalstories@gmail.com and put the show you’d like to submit for (November or December) in the subject line.